Expansion Approved for IND Solar Farm

November 7th, 2014 | Posted in News

The IND Solar Farm project partners are pleased to announce that a second phase of the IND Solar Farm at the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Project partners include General Energy Solutions USA (GES), Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA), Johnson Melloh Solutions, Telamon Corporation, and Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL).

solar farm phase ii 2Construction has started and upon its estimated completion in December of this year, the 7.5MW AC, 76-acre solar system will make the IND Solar Farm the largest planned airport-based solar farm in the world. It will comprise 32,100 solar panels, annually producing more than 15.2 million kilowatt hours of electric energy, enough to power more than 1,410 average American homes for a year.

“The Indianapolis Airport Authority is proud to be a partner in this initiative, which has spurred new economic activity, including jobs and tax revenues, on undeveloped land near the airfield,” said Michael Wells, president of the IAA board of directors. “Since opening, the IND Solar Farm has become an iconic image at the entrance to our airport and a compelling symbol of Central Indiana’s ingenuity in pursuing sustainability and new economic development.”

“Having the world’s largest airport solar farm here in Indianapolis is a powerful testimony to our commitment to both economic and environmental sustainability,” said Mario Rodriguez, executive director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority. “By harnessing limited-use land near the airfield, we are finding new ways to add to the $4.5 billion annual economic impact our airport generates for our region and new ways to expand the possibilities of green energy.”

“GES is honored to once again return to Indianapolis and be a part of this second phase of the IND Solar Farm, which showcases our innovative work with Sandia National Laboratory to create a system design that maximizes energy harvest,” said Jack Chen, Managing Director of GES. “We are grateful for the continued cooperation between all the project partners and look forward to future opportunities to invest in renewable energy in Indiana and beyond.”

“Johnson Melloh Solutions hopes that the people in our state that can make a difference in championing a more diverse energy mix will reference the Indianapolis International Airport solar project as an example of all the benefits of including photovoltaics in an effort to diversify our energy production in Indiana. Rising electric rates combined with decreased solar project costs have eliminated many of the excuses for not including more solar power into the overall energy mix,” said Nick Melloh, President of Johnson Melloh Solutions. “Congratulations to the IAA on being a leader and drawing much needed attention to the importance of solar in our overall energy mix.”

“Telamon is proud to be a part of the 7.5MW AC expansion of the IND Solar Farm and continue our project partner status with Johnson Melloh Solutions. Now that the solar farm will be the largest planned airport-based solar farm in the world upon completion, we hope this project will continue to educate the community on the benefits associated with solar and further prove that solar energy in Indiana works without pollution,” said Albert Chen, CEO & President of Telamon Corporation. “We thank the Indianapolis Airport Authority and Indianapolis Power & Light Company for their vision for our Indianapolis citizens.”

Similar to Phase One, the electricity produced by the solar farm will be distributed to IPL residential and commercial customers.

“IPL is a leader in solar generation, and is committed to developing alternative resources,” said IPL President and CEO, Kelly Huntington. “We believe offering cost-effective energy efficiency programs to our customers, and maintaining a balanced generation portfolio, are our best options to meet new and upcoming environmental standards while keeping the cost to customers affordable.”.